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How the Flaws in Iran Deal Are Limiting Action to Stop Them from Being a Sponsor of Terror

Iran supporting terror is among the most significant threats affecting the world currently. The essence of Iran deal was to mitigate against this threats. Hence, cutting the events that were making Iran a sponsor of terror. Some countries saw the flaws in Iran deal and rejected it. The supporting countries, however, were eager to implement measures that would prevent Iran from supporting terror. Here are the flaws in Iran deal to stop them from supporting terror.

To prevent Iran from engaging in terror activities the agreement required the use of sanctions. The use of sanction would have an adverse impact on the economy of Iran. Thus to stop Iran from supporting terror other governments would lift the sanctions. The major flaw in the Iran deal is putting a time limit. It is only paused the Iran support for terror the given period. Thus, the removing of sanctions will only make Iran economy grow and enhance their capability to make bombs at the end of the deal’s duration. Therefore, Iran supporting terror was just put on hold as they can resume.

One of the flaws in Iran deal is lack of mandatory investigation of the country’s activities. Hence no measure of ensuring compliance with the contracts by the Iran government. The opponents raise the issue of the ethics of a country that is known for supporting terror. Thus, Iran supporting terror may be still be going on, without the knowledge of other nations. The lack of a clause to enforce the Iran deal makes it possible for the country to continue their manufacture of nuclear bombs.

Being a sponsor of terror means doing activities that affect other countries. The flaw in Iran deal is lack of recognizing the international aspect of supporting terror. Hence, Iran maybe still supporting terror by working with terrorist groups from other nations. The Iran deal does not provide for action to monitor Iran relations with other countries. Hence, it is possible that Iran is aiding foreign terror groups and other countries with the title of a sponsor of terror.

Iran being sponsor of terror is something that all governments in the world should worry about. It is time to take action to correct the deficiencies in Iran deal. It is devastating for the citizens of a country when there has been a terrorist attack. Countries need to join forces to fight nations supporting terror.